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ZOJ Problem Set - 1110
Dick and Jane

Time Limit: 2 Seconds      Memory Limit: 65536 KB

Dick is 12 years old. When we say this, we mean that it is at least twelve and not yet thirteen years since Dick was born.

Dick and Jane have three pets: Spot the dog, Puff the Cat, and Yertle the Turtle. Spot was s years old when Puff was born; Puff was p years old when Yertle was born; Spot was y years old when Yertle was born. The sum of Spot's age, Puff's age, and Yertle's age equals the sum of Dick's age (d) and Jane's age (j). How old are Spot, Puff, and Yertle?

Each input line contains four non-negative integers: s, p, y, j. For each input line, print a line containing three integers: Spot's age, Puff's age, and Yertle's age. Ages are given in years, as described in the first paragraph.

Sample Input

5 5 10 9
5 5 10 10
5 5 11 10

Output for Sample Input

12 7 2
13 7 2
13 7 2

Source: University of Waterloo Local Contest 1998.06.06
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