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Surprising Strings

Time Limit: 2 Seconds      Memory Limit: 65536 KB

The D-pairs of a string of letters are the ordered pairs of letters that are distance D from each other. A string is D-unique if all of its D-pairs are different. A string is surprising if it is D-unique for every possible distance D.

Consider the string ZGBG. Its 0-pairs are ZG, GB, and BG. Since these three pairs are all different, ZGBG is 0-unique. Similarly, the 1-pairs of ZGBG are ZB and GG, and since these two pairs are different, ZGBG is 1-unique. Finally, the only 2-pair of ZGBG is ZG, so ZGBG is 2-unique. Thus ZGBG is surprising. (Note that the fact that ZG is both a 0-pair and a 2-pair of ZGBG is irrelevant, because 0 and 2 are different distances.)

Input: The input consists of one or more nonempty strings of at most 79 uppercase letters, each string on a line by itself, followed by a line containing only an asterisk that signals the end of the input.

Output: For each string of letters, output whether or not it is surprising using the exact output format shown below.

Acknowledgement: This problem is inspired by the "Puzzling Adventures" column in the December 2003 issue of Scientific American.

Example input: Example output:
ZGBG is surprising.
X is surprising.
EE is surprising.
AAB is surprising.
AABA is surprising.
AABB is NOT surprising.
BCBABCC is NOT surprising.

Source: Mid-Central USA 2006
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