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100 - Let's Celebrate the 100th Contest on ZOJ! - 100H
An Unusual Problem

Time Limit: 2 Seconds      Memory Limit: 65536 KB      Special Judge

The 100th Contest of ZOJ is coming! In this very contest, watashi, one of ZOJ staff members, decides to set up an interesting and unusual problem that has never appeared before. As you know, however, setting up a completely new problem is not that easy, and thus this evil guy came up with a crazy idea: writing a single program that can solve all problems in ZOJ Problem Set (up to Problem 3436: July Number)! To set up such a problem, the first step is to collect information of all problems, which should be a really hard work for him. But with the advance of technology in human-based cloud computing, the work just becomes easy, as he asks you to collect the information. Your task is to output the problem title for each given problem code in ZOJ Problem Set.

Please note that the length of your source code should not exceed the default submission limit, which is 32KB.


There are multiple test cases. Each test case is a single line of string representing a problem code. The length of each line will be less than 10.


For each test case, print the corresponding title for the problem. If the problem does not exists in ZOJ Problem Set, simply output "No such problem". Please note that for Problem 3374, output "(9) Adjacent Numbers" instead of "⑨ Adjacent Numbers".

Sample Input


Sample Output

A + B Problem
Mondriaan's Dream
July Number
No such problem
No such problem
No such problem
No such problem

Author: LI, Cheng
Source: Let's Celebrate the 100th Contest on ZOJ!
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