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New! Summer Trainning for students in Zhejiang University!
Need more infomation or want to join ZJU ACMICPC Team? please click on this link (in Chinese).

Recently, some users have reported that they are blocked by YUNDUN when submitting solutions. Because the domain of ".zju.edu.cn" has just been hosted on the CDN service provider with YUNDUN firewall and YUNDUN is very buggy, some users are blocked mistakenly by YUNDUN. But the management of domain names is beyond our control. If you are blocked mistakenly by the CDN provider of zju.edu.cn(YUNDUN), please visit ZOJ via www.icpc.moe. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The 16th Zhejiang University Programming Contest on April 10.
The 13th Zhejiang Provincial Collegiate Contest on April 23.
2 semi-live contests! Good luck and have fun!

ZOJ Monthly, February 2016 on February 29.
Good luck and have fun! Happy new year!

ZOJ Monthly, October 2015 on October 11.
Good luck and have fun!

ZOJ Monthly, September 2015 on September 12.
Good luck and have fun!

ZOJ Monthly, July 2015 on July 26.
Good luck and have fun!